Carmen Bayón tells us about her experience in her travel to Seville, as well as the difficulties she found on that trip.


The first thing to keep in mind when you traveling to Seville on AVE (High Speed Train), is that tourist cars do not have enough space for the wheelchair, so if a person could transfer from the chair to a train seat he would have to take the seats closer to the entrance door to the car. They explained that there is an area allocated for people with wheelchairs. Before my insistence on my desire to be able to travel in a seat they told me that in that same place there are two seats that can be raised or lowered and you can travel in a normal seat. In that car there is more space to move with the chair.

NM Adapted Travel: In the case of train travel in Spain, it is advisable to consult the following web address of Renfe, of its ATENDO service.Link.

Accesibilidad trenes
Accesibilidad trenes


Seville is not a very suitable city to visit just because of the cobbled streets. However, you can appreciate the city with a carriage ride.
What can I do thanks to the help of my family and the mobility and tenacity that I have.


I stayed in the Suite Murillo Segovias apartments, Segovia Street, in City centre.

Where you can enter by taxi to the door, although that was not our case when we arrived with suitcases and tired of the trip …

They have a great adapted room with seat and bars in the shower completely open. The only drawback is that the sink mirror is not up to the task so that a person in a wheelchair can be seen. There is a spectacular mirror that is not suitable for us either. With regard to the room is wide enough to move with the chair. And it has a great terrace with easy access.

As a salvageable disadvantage is the entrance with 3 steps. However, there is an elevator that works (which is rare). They leave you the key so that you can use the elevator yourself whenever you want, without depending on someone in reception.

The door of the house faces a narrow street and it is necessary that a person help you to save the step of the sidewalk.

Restaurants usually have a terrace so there is usually no problem. I guess it depends on the station you’re leaving. We dined on the terrace of La Sal, next to the cathedral, which has good tuna.

The problem of this city is finding restaurants or cafes that have a bathroom adapted for you to get into with a wheelchair.

Resturante La Sal

The Hotel Alfonso XIII has an area where the porters are kindly accompanied by the entrance area of ​​suitcases to the “patio” where you can have a beer and access the bathroom without complications.

As an anecdote, to say that this is the hotel where the Mother of King Juan Carlos is, he was staying when he was in Seville.

Hotel Alfonso XIII Sevilla

To see the Alcazar or the Cathedral there were queues of up to 2 hours, so you are interested in getting better tickets before leaving on a trip.

Careful with the temperature, we were in September and, in addition to a lot of people, by the day I reached 40º.

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