Puerta del Sol and “km 0”

el_oso_y_el_madronoPossibly the most famous square in all of Spain, the Puerta del Sol is a meeting place, place of public demonstrations and of course, the place to celebrate the New Years Eve with the sound of the bells of the clock of ‘La Casa de Correos’. Here is the kilometer 0 of the Roads of Spain, and the Statue of the Bear and the Madroño tree. We do not have to forget that at night… the neon lights of the mythical poster of the ‘Tío Pepe Wines.


gran-via1Walking into the Gran Vía, one of the main street of the city, full of shops, wonderful buildings and a really good ambient.





catedral_de_la_almudenaThe Cathedral of Nuestra Señora la Real de la Almudena started to built on December 22, 1868 (although several attempts had previously been carried out by Queen Isabel de Borbón in 1623 and Queen Maria Ana of Austria in 1669) when the Congregation of Slaves of the Virgin of Almudena requested the Archbishop of Toledo permission to build another church dedicated to the Virgin, request that would support Queen Da. Mª de las Mercedes, wife of Alfonso XII.

The church will become a Cathedral when in 1884 Madrid is converted in a dioceses by Pope Leo XIII.

A curious fact about this Cathedral is that unlike the rest of the cathedrals, whose traditional orientation is East-West, the one of the Almudena has a North-South orientation, that obeys to the fact of having been projected from its origins as an integral part of the set of the Royal Palace; its main facade, located at the foot of the temple, looks towards the south facade of the Palace.


El Capricho, in Alameda de Osuna, is the most beautiful. Examples of this are the labyrinth of shrubs, buildings, such as the palace, the small hermitage, or the beautiful ballroom, as well as the streams that run through it and ponds, where you can find swans and ducks.

The Duchess of Osuna between 1787 and 1839 ordered the construction of this garden of 14 hectares, which is the only one of Romanticism that is conserved. Lilacs abound throughout the land, since it was the favorite flower of the Duchess. After decades of relative abandonment, in 1974 it was bought by the Madrid City Council, and in 1985 it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

The Arab wall


The Arab wall is probably the oldest standing building in the city. It was built in the 9th century, during the Muslim domination of the Iberian Peninsula, on a promontory located next to the Manzanares River. It was part of a fortress, around which the urban core of Madrid developed. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1954.

The remains of greater importance, with a more archaeological than artistic interest, are found in the Cuesta de la Vega, next to the crypt of the Almudena Cathedral. They have been integrated in the park of Mohamed I, so-called in reference to Mohamed I of Cordoba, considered the founder of the city.

Santiago Bernabéu


Whether you like soccer or not, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is one of the places to visit if you go to Madrid for the first time. Its capacity is more than 81,000 people and was inaugurated in 1947. It has been the scene of many victories of the Real Madrid Football Club and if you go maybe you can see one live match … But if your visit to Madrid does not match with any football match, take advantage of do the tour: you can see the exhibition of trophies, the stadium and the changing rooms in which Cristiano Ronaldo and company are preparing for the game.

The roof of the Círculo de Bellas Artes 

azoteaThe roof of the Círculo de Bellas Artes (CBA) has one of the best and most spectacular views of Madrid. This building offers their visitors an incredible perspective of the urban landscape of the city. To access the roof, the CBA has an elevator with glass doors on the top floor, which from the lobby allows direct access to this privileged space. Tickets can be purchased at the building reception.

Located 56 meters high on Calle Alcalá, it was partially closed for a period of time as a solarium. The building is crowned by the sculpture Minerva, by Juan Luis Vassallo. It is a bronze piece that represents the Roman goddess of wisdom and art, emblem of the Circle since its founding.

Enjoy a Musical

musicalThe Gran Vía received the nickname of ‘Madrid’s Broadway’ due to the number of cinemas and open theaters that ran along the street. Despite the closure of many rooms, from Callao Square to Plaza de España still retains that cultural atmosphere, with long lines at the box office, impatient audience and red carpets trampled by the crowd. The Compac Gran Vía Theater is one of the oldest in the city, opened its doors in 1944, and its stage has been represented from dance shows to musicals such as ‘Marta tiene un marcapasos’ by Hombres G.

The Lope de Vega Theater has hosted the best and most successful musicals that have passed through Madrid as ‘The Lion King’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ or ‘The Miserable’, while that the Rialto maintained during almost four years in poster ‘Today I can not get up’, based on the songs of Mecano. At the end of the Gran Vía is the Coliseum Theater, built in 1932 as a cinema for its stage, works such as ‘Cats’, ‘My fair lady’, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Chicago’, among many others.

Teatro de la Zarzuela.

teatro-de-la-zarzuelaOne of my favorite personal traditions of all life is an annual visit to La Zarzuela. In case you did not know, zarzuela is a Spanish musical theater genre that combines operetta with spoken parts. It’s classic Spanish music par excellence, and if you want to enjoy it at its best, you have to go to the Teatro de la Zarzuela: a beautiful 19th-century theater, with live musicians, dozens of performers, top-notch singers, magnificent performances and reasonable prices. Even foreigners who do not understand Spanish love music, costumes, sets and dance. The totally acoustic sound (no microphones are used) adds charm to this experience that you should not miss: Spain as it was. There are also concerts, ballet, opera and guided tours.

Chocolate with churros of San Ginés


Founded in 1894, the San Ginés chocolate shop is the perfect place to enjoy Madrid’s famous breakfast: chocolate with churros. Open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, it is definitely worth going there although it is almost always up. With a little patience, sooner or later you can sit down. I love to sit in one of their green chairs, drink the thick chocolate little by little while I admire the decoration of the place and watch how people go in and out. It is better not to arrive too early for breakfast, since it is also a tradition in Madrid to have a chocolate with churros after spending all night partying. I also recommend making a stop at La Mallorquina pastry shop, a short distance away, to buy some Neapolitans.

Prueba el cocido


As important as knowing the culture and art of a city is to enjoy its typical cuisine. In Madrid there are two star dishes par excellence. The first one is the stew and its thousand different ways to prepare it. So much is the admiration for this stew that each year different routes are organized to taste the best of the province. Among the best cooked in Madrid, the one they prepare in Lhardy, one of the oldest in Madrid, the one in La Bola Taberna, where they serve a hundred a day, and the Malacatín, a typical Madrid tavern in La Latina.

Vete de cañas


Tapas is one of the favorite pastimes of the people of Madrid. And even more when the good weather arrives and the streets are filled with terraces. Among the favorite areas, highlights especially La Latina and its famous Plaza de la Cebada.


lots-coffee-houseLOTS COFFEE HOUSE, The temple of aromas.

They are professional producers, traders and baristas. They never mix crops or mix origins.
Diversity of flavors for all tastes and colors. A great variety of techniques.

Un homenaje para el paladar “cafetero” de los más exigentes.



PATES PA TOS … El Colmado Gourmet.

pates-pa-tosPassion for the highest quality food. A personal project by Helena Bravo.
She was a disciple of Juan Mari Arzak for a long period of time. During this period, he had the opportunity to work on several occasions with the teams of Ferrán Adrià, Berasategui, Subijana where he was able to expand his knowledge to the highest level of cuisine.

With this small-big project we want to bring Gourmet products, mostly Spanish of the highest quality, to customers.

On the other hand, PATES PA TOS through its creator, wants to bring in a fun way, through its courses and tastings, customers knowledge to distinguish flavors and textures, as well as educate the palate in the different products that we offer.

IL TAVOLO VERDE … An idealistic and nostalgic experience..

il-tavolo-verde1It was born as a proposal of healthy and light food, if possible ecological. Mediterranean with vegetarian tints in their lunches (salads, creams and quiche) and Anglo-Saxon pastries in their breakfasts and snacks (chocolate bundt or carrot cake).

Vintage furniture, wrought iron chairs
A chaos of objects that, inexplicably, make up a coherent whole
Because for them art and culture are linked to gastronomy, ecology and the reuse of things. We offer you in this space from book editions to exhibitions and events of contemporary creation.

THE TREE (47 RONIN) … A delicate, exquisite, capricious experience.

the-tree-cocktail-and-snack-barAfter an artisanal wooden door, the most exclusive and innovative space of 47 Ronin is hidden.
The Tree is an original bar designed to take the elegant and creative Asian snacks designed by Borja Gracia, expert chef in Japan, and the cocktails created by Cabrera from ingredients such as yuzu, jasmine tea or kombu algae, and distilled 100% Nipponese like shochu, sake, Yamazaki whiskey or Japanese plum liqueur.

The experience at 47 Ronin is delicate, exquisite, on a whim. The service is expert and knows well the choreography of the dishes with what, although it is expensive, is perfect for a tribute. Among other things, because in a spit you know what you will find. At 47 Ronin you will eat recipes that you will not find anywhere else in Madrid, prepared exquisitely and with a good cellar. And if you want to throw the house out the window, get the 24-course menu and the dinner will break molds.

MACADAMIA … Emotion, passion, nexus of flavors and sensations.

macadamiaIt is a mixture of flavors and expression. His dishes surprise the palate and his cocktail proposal will not leave indifferent.

Urban space with avant-garde decoration and intimate atmosphere with cocktails and an original international menu.

Never a few taquitos of salmon and a margarita got along so well, the only place where to have a pina colada with pumpkin ravioli is well seen.


It is the type of bars that have something characteristic. One of the essentials of Madrid. Small but authentic.
Skewers, imported beers and tap vermouth in 1892 tasca with barrels and iron columns. Cod tapas are the protagonists of this historic local.

In the section of “the best tortillas de patatas” is the recipe of Doña Concha and her tortillas. It makes them as they are finished, always freshly made, juicy and delicious. Accompany them with good beer or choose the wine you want and enjoy this simple gastronomic pleasure that is our omelette, an old place with renewed blood. A luxury within reach of all pockets.



With involuntary act of opening the eyelids

Jaw drop.

Stretching and curving of eyebrows…

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